Orthopedic Joint Center of Northern California Offers Aroma Therapy and Massage Therapy


Date: September 13 , 2012

Contact:   Jendi Coursey
                 (707) 391-3522

WILLITS, CA – Frank R. Howard Memorial Hospital’s Orthopedic Joint Center of Northern California offers excellent clinical care and much more. In addition to doctors, nurses and physical therapists who specialize in the care of orthopedic joint patients, the program also offers gourmet luncheons, aroma therapy, and massage therapy.

Knee replacement and hip replacement patients are treated with a holistic approach. Award-winning chef Kyle Evans cooks for patients, creating healthy and delicious entrees. Patients joke that they plan to return to have their other knee or hip replaced, just so they can enjoy the food!

Another delight for the senses is aromatherapy, which uses essential oils (the aromatic volatile liquids distilled from shrubs, flowers, trees, and seeds) to provide fragrances that balance the mood, lift spirits, and create a pleasant atmosphere. Essential oils were the first medicines and have been used through the ages to kill bacteria, fungi, and viruses. 

Massage therapy is another part of the holistic approach for joint replacement patients. Benefits include pain relief, relaxation, decreased blood pressure, increased circulation, boosted immune system, and reduced anxiety—all of which accelerate recovery and healing.

The program also includes features like:

  • An emphasis on group activities and therapy, as well as individual care
  • Family and friends educated to participate as “coaches” in the recovery process
  • Group lunches with your coach and staff
  • A Joint Care Coordinator who manages pre-operative care and assists with discharge planning
  • A comprehensive patient guide
  • Coordinated after care program and Coumadin tracking
  • Reunion luncheon for patients and coaches
  • Newsletters to update patients and coaches on activities

Patients generally have their surgery on a Monday and go home on Thursday. Learn more about the Orthopedic Joint Center of Northern California at www.orthojointcenter.com


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